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What my Clients say #01

Clients Comments

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"Try it and see how you can benefit from alternative treatment like I did. It will help you mentally as well as physically."

"Sleeping better! Been pain free for the first time in months. Feel much calmer and happier."

"I came to you feeling at an all time low. You gave me a positive feel that you could help me - and you did!"

"Frankie has the gift of healing and an insight/understanding of people. Her treatments are powerful and amazingly effective!"

Angelic Reiki

"Having been on long haul flights and in busy cities like New York, I came back feeling completely 'out of sorts ', my head was all over the place and far from grounded. A treatment with Frankie and I'm back, grounded and focused for the next challenge . Thank you."

"Simply amazing treatments which have helped me move forward with life in a huge way, close doors and open those which I wished to be offered. I'm now happy in my work and life, and look forward to Frankie's treatments helping me on my journey through life."

“When I first chose Angelic Reiki as the way forward for me, I was a little unsure as to what to expect. However it was a tranquil and beautiful experience. At first I noticed a feeling of calm and peace, and then I realised I was moving about freely and the pain in my hands and shoulders had gone. It lasted. Now two months on, I have just received my second session of Angelic Reiki, the peace and calm returned and I am still moving well and I am pain free. My heartfelt thanks to those angelic healers and to Frankie.”

“First of all, Frankie explains everything so well and clearly and she makes you feel relaxed and receptive. The energy itself is gentle but extremely subtle. I felt safe and at peace and just wanted to keep floating away. I cleared out a lot of stuck negativity during this healing but its removal was done with a lot of love. Suffice it to say that I am very much looking forward to my next treatment with Frankie and the Angels."

Bach Flower Remedies

“Before embarking on a course of 6 sessions of chemotherapy following a mastectomy, I decided to try Bach Flower Remedies and found them a huge help to me in staying calm and positive facing the uncertainty through the months of treatment.”

"Has given me much more patience and tolerance with my children and husband. I am generally calmer and more laid back. ..... I now enjoy life more - if the washing up doesn't get do so what - it can wait!"

"I couldn't get a good night's sleep as my mind was too active. I didn't want to resort to medication for fear of despondency. Frankie suggested Bach Flower Remedies - in a very short time they worked like magic! I can thoroughly recommend them!"


“I suffered regularly with painful migraines, sometimes they would last for 3 days, since starting reflexology nine months ago I have not had one migraine nor a severe headache. The treatment has worked for me and is a great way to relax, it has also helped me through a stressful period in my life and I continue to use this method of alternative therapy.”

"As a chronic rheumatic and long time sufferer with an irritable bowel I have found Reflexology singularly successful as an on-going palliative."

"After suffering from chronic sinusitis for over four years I decided to try Reflexology. I began to feel the benefits immediately and after a course of treatments am now enjoying a significantly better quality of life."

Neuro-muscular Transmission

"I have had osteo-arthritis pain in my shoulders, neck and hands for some 30 years, when a friend recommended NMT. The treatment was very successful and considerably lessened my pain. When I developed severe pain in my calf muscles, ankle and foot, and the GP could only offer me strong pain killers that had no effect, I consulted Frankie. After only 3 treatments the pain almost disappeared. I can thoroughly recommend NMT."

"My back is continuing to improve and I have felt much better since the last NMT session. I can now bend to pick something up without feeling pain....and I feel my back improving in strength at every session. I would like to have 'maintenance' sessions of NMT - they are so pleasant and relaxing and I feel much more evenly balanced after a treatment."

"I had arthritis pain in my shoulders and neck for over 30 years when a friend recommended NMT. I had never heard of this therapy but I was willing to try anything. I can thoroughly recommend this treatment as my pain has lessened considerably and this has improved my quality of life."

"Following a car accident I was suffering from severe pain from whiplash injuries and received Neuro-Muscular Transmission treatment from Frankie.
There was a considerable improvement in the level of pain after the initial treatment but after five treatments, over a period of seven weeks, I was totally free of pain and had full mobility back in my neck, something which my GP had said I could expect to take more than nine months to achieve.
I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment from Frankie to anyone who is suffering from whiplash injuries."

"I have suffered from chronic neck pain for some years. It was treated with NMT for a few months. I fully regained mobility in my neck and the pain has never returned."

"I was suffering with acute pain at the top of my spine. ..... I could feel relief even after the first session. ..."

"No instant cure, but immediate improvement. Now, with much less pain, my 'flexible fingers' are sewing again, and unexpectedly (from my viewpoint) I'm calmer, more positive and more able to cope with the difficulties on life's pathway. Quite a bonus!"

"I have suffered for several years from rheumatoid arthritis. I was stiff and in pain all over my body. I was fortunate to be put in touch with Frankie and NMT which has changed my life. My body is more supple and I am free from pain."

"I have had several NMT treatments on my head and find this very gentle treatment invaluable for relieving stress and clearing the mind."

“Having previously been in constant pain with a shoulder injury after a car accident, a few treatments with Frankie worked wonders. I am no longer in constant pain and do not have to take large quantities of painkillers. The occasional ‘top up’ treatment keeps my shoulder pain free. I am certainly glad I was recommended to Frankie, not only do her treatments work wonders but her cheerful and supportive personality helps you through the treatment.”


"Frankie's teaching is very clear and laced with a lot of informative humour, which makes learning easy and fun!"

"Frankie's enthusiasm and commitment to Bach Flower Remedies are inspiring."

"The most interesting, well-structured, well-taught course I have ever attended." (a former headmistress)

"Frankie has a natural talent as a teacher and always makes her students feel special and valued."

"Frankie brought the remedies to life for me. Excellent delivery of content with humour too!"

"One of the best courses I have attended. Tutor knew her subject; was relaxed, friendly and had fun!!"

"Well organised, uplifting, good pace. Handouts very useful. Great setting for the learner - calm and peaceful!"

"About 10 years ago, a colleague, who attended a Level 1 Bach Course taught by Frankie Boyes, recommended that I do the same, as she thought Bach Flower Remedies would complement my massage/aromatherapy work. I 'm so pleased I took her advice. Frankie makes these courses, taught in the pleasant and convivial surroundings of her home enjoyable, easy to understand and assimilate. As a bonus, she also passes on her confidence in, and tremendous enthusiasm for, Bach Flower Remedies to students so that they feel empowered not just to help themselves but others too. This was so true for me that I came back to do Level 2 and, some 7 years ago, Level 3 so that I qualified as a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner myself. Frankie also runs a regular Bach Flower Remedies Support Group which acts as a very supportive forum for both Practitioners and Level 1 and 2 students."

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